PMSCloud is now a preferred IT provider of
A new status gives us confidence that we are moving in the right direction.

Online hotel management

Booking from your site

2-way synchronization with online-booking systems

Reliable data storage

24/7 support

The uniqueness and availability of our property management system makes it easy to sell rooms and manage your hotel in the cloud

Hotel management

  • Put all rooms up for sale in the online-booking systems and in reception with the same software
  • Manage all operations using a single hotel PMS
  • Draw up bills, payments, send booking confirmations
  • Generate reports, plan room sales

Online sales
management tool

  • Update information about the hotel in all the booking systems simultaneously
  • Edit the cost and availability of rooms from a single interface
  • Save time when working with OTA systems
  • If the booking is canceled, the room is automatically put up for sale

Online booking module
on the hotel website

  • Sell ​​rooms directly through the website – conveniently and without intermediaries
  • Allow your guests to book a room in just a couple of clicks
  • Increase your profits – it’s easier than you think
  • Once booked the room is automatically removed from sale on all portals

Advantages of working with PMS Cloud

It has never been so easy to manage a hotel online

Work with any devices

Manage a hotel from your computer or any mobile device
PMS Cloud works both on stationary PCs and mobile devices. You are not tied down to your workplace, and can control your workflow wherever you may be. All that is needed for carrying out your work – is Internet access!


Sell on the Internet
Our hotel property management system enables the total automation of all business processes, including room sales. Thanks to PMS Cloud, you can add users with different access levels, manage finances, control the staff’s actions – without restriction. Connect to all OTA systems and work online.


PMS Cloud has an extensive range of functions though working with it couldn’t be easier
Appealing, bright and user-friendly interface – designed to make it nice and easy to work with. All the buttons and menus are easily accessible; you can perform all operations in just a few clicks.

Hotel management system technology

Using cloud technologies provides steady operation, guarantees for security of data, access from all corners of over the world. With PMS Cloud there is no need to install and configure software, no need to maintain additional equipment. All data is secure with leading cloud provider Amazon. If any server fails the application will be automatically moved to another server with no downtime. A load balancer ensures that as activity on the application increases more computing resources are added to keep the application running properly.